The Weight Adjustive Rating system (W.A.R. Zone) will make wrestling better for everyone involved. Check out this 2 minute video explaining how the concept works:


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Additional Benefits unique to W.A.R. Zone competitions:

  • Eliminates mismatches (One of the biggest problems the sport is currently facing, this is the reason I designed the software)
  • Allows for all skill levels to compete. Current competitions are mostly for advanced wrestlers, eliminating the larger part of the market. By allowing the beginners to safely compete, it will cause a large growth in wrestling participation.
  • Coaches are no longer scared to bring all of their wrestlers to compete (If you bring a wrestler who isn’t experienced enough, there is a good chance they will have a bad experience and quit the sport)
  • Competitors get to choose when they compete.
  • Competitors get to choose how often they compete.
  • Competitors can pay per match.
  • Challenge matches can occur (send a match to a rival! ask for a rematch!)
  • Tournaments can now hold all styles simultaneously (folkstyle, freestyle, Greco Roman, no-gi grappling, go grappling, judo, etc.). Ability to compete in multiple styles at the same tournament will massively promote participation in other styles.
  • Coaches/teams receive a large share of the profits).
  • Removes the frustration many coaches face in building dual meet teams (Saves coaches hours of headaches, lets them bring their entire team instead of only a few wrestlers, removes the hassle of recruiting).
  • Large bulk purchases available for loyal customers (100+ match purchases).
  • Greatly reduces the cost of competitions (improved efficiency allows us to pass on savings to the consumer).
  • Competitors can now do rapid-fire arena-style competitions.
  • Software can handle more simultaneous matches than ever before, potential for mega events (larger events are better for everyone, as it takes advantage of the network effect).
  • Eliminates weight cutting in wrestling! Weight cutting provides you with no advantage.
  • Much more flexible pairing due to eliminating weight classes and age divisions (current divisions have sharp borders that don’t make sense: an 8 year old can currently wrestle against a 9.9 year old, but a 9.9 year old can’t wrestle a 10.0 year old. A 149.0 lbs wrestler cannot wrestle a 149.1 pound wrestler).
  • Parents and competitors can show up and leave at any time!
  • You will never be matched against your teammates (unless you want to)


Negative consequences of current tournament formats, eliminated by the W.A.R. Zone software:

  • Some competitors only get 2 matches while others get 10 (they pay the same amount).
  • Distinct weight classes influence wrestlers to “cut-weight”; the most negative aspect of our sport.
  • Long wait times between rounds. Lots of people complain about sitting around in gymnasiums all day waiting to see their child wrestle 3 times.
  • Unfair age divisions (Parents are more likely to enter their children into tournaments where they are towards the older end of the spectrum [there are usually more 6th graders in 5th/6th grade events]).
  • There is only one winner and lots of losers (I am not against this style of tournament, as they truly decide who the champion is; I simply do not think it is the best model for beginners and newcomers to the sport).
  • Bracketing can often be confusing to new-comers.
  • You can end up waiting around for a match, only to find out that the other competitor is no longer there. It is a very frustrating experience to wait for 2 hours, to find out that you do not have a match and have waited for nothing (The W.A.R. Zone app provides partial refunds to someone who decides to cancel a match).
  • There are often massive mismatches, where one competitor has 0 chance of winning.
  • [Round Robin Tournaments] Unfair match-ups happen constantly due to not having an objective rating system. Parents are asked to rate their own children, and as a result, beginners are often trounced by more experienced competitors that they do not belong competing against.
  • [Round Robin Tournaments] There is usually a worst competitor in each group; this child loses every match that day. They are much more likely to quit the sport as a result.
  • [Round Robin Tournaments] Difficult job for tournament director to manually match competitors. It is very time consuming and frustrating, as tournament directors are forced to form some bad match-ups (“I’ve got nowhere to put this kid, I guess I’ll just stick him in here…”)
  • [Dual Meets] Incredibly difficult for coaches to setup teams (a coach needs to recruit for all 15 weight classes, or they lose money. They often create discord when 2 members of their team want the same weight class).
  • [Dual Meets] Recruiting empty weight classes is very time consuming and often causes political conflicts between wrestling clubs (poaching).
  • [Dual Meets] Coaches need to put up large cash deposits to secure admission ($300-$900). They then need to sell each weight-class to recoup their money.
  • [Dual Meets] No standardized weight classes… this makes it difficult to form teams that last for a season. New teams need to be formed for each event.
  • [Dual Meets] Very little profit margin for coaches (who are doing a lot of work); the lion’s share is made by the organizations putting together the events.
  • [Dual Meets] Weight classes cause weight cutting.
  • [Dual Meets] Crazy wrestling parents that hold kids back a grade to give them an age advantage (I believe it is an outrage that these tournaments are often based by grade not birthday).
  • [Dual Meets] These tournaments are dominated by “rolodex teams” which are made up of elite competitors randomly recruited together. It has made it unfair for real teams that train together.

Please click here to pledge $20 to support our cause, this will sign your program up for profit sharing [COACHES ONLY]

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